Drivers struggle with slippery roads in unusual June rain

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, Calif. (KTVU) - A steady rain in the Bay Area caused trouble on the roads.

The California Highway Patrol was busy from the morning rush hour, through the day, responding to crashes.

"It's been like that the entire day, going from crash to crash," said CHP Lt. Steve Perea. "Starting around 6:00 this morning, it's been nonstop."

Many of the crashes Wednesday were solo spinouts or rollover accidents.

"It's rain and millions of Californians drive safely each day," Perea said. "All we'd ask is that people just slow down, pay attention to the roadway, don't get distracted. That's how these things happen."

The Bay Area had more rain on Wednesday than all of January. "It's very unusual. It should be 100 degrees right now," Contra Costa County firefighter, Mike Ortolan, said as he walked up to a crash scene. "We've had three rollovers already!"

One of the more serious crashes happened on Highway 24. The driver of a pickup truck had to be extricated from his truck. "Looks like he got out of control, tried to get round traffic, and rolled over once," Ortolan explained. "We had to cut his windshield open pull him out through his windshield."

In downtown Walnut Creek, people dodged raindrops under umbrellas.

"Weird that it's in summertime," said new mom, Valerie Hill, as she pushed her 8-week old son Aiden in a stroller. He slept through his first rain shower. "Hope he stays sleeping the whole time," Hill said smiling.