Patelco credit union sued after cyberattack

Customers of Dublin-based Patelco Credit Union say they still only have limited access to their bank accounts more than a week after the bank’s data systems were breached. 

Now, one customer has filed a class action lawsuit in Alameda County Superior Court claiming Patelco failed to maintain appropriate cybersecurity. The credit unit was hacked on June 29. 

Last week, Oakland-based law firm Cole & Van Note sued Patelco on behalf of Patelco customer Shawn Kent, who claims the bank was negligent with customer information. 

"The lawsuit seeks a court order mandating the company enhance and maintain better data security and, secondly, that damages be awarded for injuries to Patelco's customers, including for identity theft," Cole said in a statement. 

Customers from all over the Bay Area say they’re frustrated and just ready for the breach to be resolved.

"So, we’re just waiting for answers. This is like my third time here this week," said Dawn Adams of San Leandro. 


Patelco credit union $500-limit after cyberattack frustrating customers

Patelco credit union, which experienced a cyberattack last month, is limiting its customers to withdrawing $500 at a time, frustrating many who need to make payments that are much more than that.

Dozens of Patelco customers in San Leandro stood in line Tuesday, waiting to get an update and access to their money. 

The credit union’s data breach left customers with no online access to their accounts. 

Patelco says customers do have daily withdrawal limits, including up to $2,500 for debit transactions with a signature, $500 for pin debit transactions, or $500 from an ATM.  

"That’s not going to work. When you have bills to pay, a mortgage to pay, how do you do that? A $500 limit is not going to cut it," Adams said. 

Carlos Garcia also said that the limits aren't large enough. 

He said he needs to access more of his money to make a final payment on a house, which is in escrow. He said he couldn't get the keys otherwise.

"I've got to make this payment, or I'm going to lose my 20%," he told KTVU. "$500 is not enough. I need to make some big payments."

Patelco says it’s working around the clock to process transactions and expects to be caught up by the end of the week.

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