Dublin provides designated fireworks area

While many Bay Area cities have banned all fireworks, Dublin not only allows them, but goes one step further.

It not only allows the sale of so called “safe and sane” fireworks but it also provides designated areas where people can set them off.

One area is a parking lot near city hall.

A  father and three children drove there from Livermore where fireworks are illegal. "It's patriotic, but it is also a fun way to bond. I think every parent worries about sparklers. It's nice Dublin has this set-up," said Chris Lynam.

While family fireworks may not match the big city extravaganzas, they can still be pretty cool, especially  when you’re pretty young.

Another family came in from San Ramon where fireworks are also illegal. "The big show are fun. But you watch those. This you can be part of," explained 13-year-old Robbie Vannucchi while lighting some sparklers with his brother.

At one fireworks stand downtown, proceeds from the sale of fireworks are going to a cheerleading program, while other stands are helping support other charities.

But up in the hills, neighbors are uneasy. Especially those who live below areas of dry grass where a spark from a firecracker could mean trouble.

"It is always windy in Dublin. And all the dry grass and there's always fireworks going off behind our house. It's a big concern," said homeowner Lisa Caldira.

The Alameda County Fire Department says it has extra patrols on through Monday night. Police will be on the lookout for any illegal fireworks,