Dublin provides parking lots for safe and sanctioned fireworks

On this Fourth of July, one family came from Pleasanton where fireworks are prohibited, to a parking lot in Dublin where they are perfectly legal.

"With the risk of fires in California, it's nice to have a couple of places to come," said Jennifer Herrick, a mother of two young boys.

While it may be a far cry from the fireworks spectacles in San Francisco,  poppers and sparklers were more than enough to keep two other young boys happy.

"They have a blast. It's family day. No work," said Robin Cheng, a father from Dublin.

The City of Dublin designated three public parking lots for people with so-called safe and sane fireworks to have a legal place to set them off.

Dublin is only one of a handful of Bay Area cities that allow do-it-yourselfers to set off fireworks. But they actually provide places to do it.

Many people enjoyed the opportunity.

"It's great. They give you a space where there's not any flammables. They have a dumpster full of water. So when you are done, be responsible and dispose of them in the water," said Ron Pon of Pleasant Hill.  

While some people were setting off fireworks many more were buying them at roadside stands.

One stand hopes to raise more than $20,000 in sales with the proceeds going to Dublin Little League and youth soccer.

But the concern is people setting off fireworks in the dry hills.

Police will be looking out for illegal fireworks, while the Alameda County Fire Department will have extra patrols out just in case.