Dublin schools approves funding for a 2nd high school

Concerned parents packed into the Dublin Unified School District Board meeting Tuesday night to complain and say they need a second high school due to population growth. 

There is no disagreement from the district or board that a new high school is needed.

The board voted 3-2 to allocate $100 million to build a new school. Parents say that is not enough money.

It was an overflow crowd at the meeting.

"I've been here for 17 years. My kids have been here in school the whole time. Now that they're hitting high school age, I'm really concerned. There's going to be 5,000 kids here. That's way too many kids," says Danielle Cooper, the mother of four school age children.
Dublin High is the city's only comprehensive high school. 2,500 students are currently enrolled, but the number of students is estimated to double in the coming years.

Voters passed Measure H last June, a $283 million bond measure that would fund building new school campuses and modernizing existing ones.

Some funds have already been allocated to build a new K-8 school and a new science building at Dublin High.

"We have a whole lot of elementary kids coming in the same span that our high school's growing. We have middle schools that are growing at a really fast rate, so we have to determine how to prioritize the $283 million that we have in the bond program," says Michelle McDonald, the school district's press information officer.
Parents say $100 million is not enough to build a new school. They say their concern is that overcrowding can lead to problems such as accidents and bullying, an overall safety issue.
"I have a neighbor who moved out because of this issue. His son was a 9th grader and he was concerned with the overcrowding that exist now so I can't imagine what it would be like for my 10-year-old when she goes to high school," says Andrew Shamrao, a parent.
The district is looking at two possible sites for the new high school and expanding Dublin High, an option unpopular with parents and neighbors of the school.
"Our little neighborhood can not handle more traffic, more congestion , more buildings, more portables. You need to build a new school and quit trying to expand Dublin High," says Therese Swan, who lives near Dublin High.
"Very upset, We love this neighborhood, " says Cooper," We don't want to move, but we've considered it. We consider moving all the time."

The district spokeswoman tells KTVU the earliest a new high school will be built is 2021,

It would only be the first phase, accommodating one thousand students.

The goal is to eventually enroll 2,500 students.