E-40 drops new anthem 'Niner Gang' for undefeated 49ers

Rap legend E-40 brought us Bay Area classics like, 'Sprinkle Me,' 'Tell Me When to Go' and 'Function,' — the list goes on. 

His extensive discography is overflowing with the unique sounds and flavor of the Bay Area often sampled by other artists such as rappers Drake and Yo Gotti. 

The 'Niner Faithful', dropped a new hit on Wednesday dedicated to his beloved team, which is currently 8-0 in the first half of the 2019 season. 

Forty Water, as he also goes by, teased the track 'Niner Gang' on Instagram and tapped his son Droop-E to produce the song.

"Against all odds weather the storm, built for combated battle young hyenas in uniform/ We play no games with the opposition we active let the whistle be the bell we gon' get down at what we mad at," he raps on the first verse. "I tried to told em we back & we never left and we got a heart, Levi stadium starting to feel like candlestick Park!"

A nod to the 49ers comeback, after a rocky 2018 that left Jimmy Garoppoli with season-ending torn ACL.