East Bay father speaks out after he and 5-year-old son hit by car crashing into Trader Joe's

An East Bay father and his young son are recovering after being hit by a car while shopping inside Trader Joe's.  

Oz Ledesma told KTVU how the crash has impacted him and his family.

He is waiting to see if he'll need knee surgery and his 5-year-old son Benjamin may have to undergo a second surgery.

He said he'd like to see stores make changes that will better protect customers.

But most of all, he's grateful that he and his son, along with the other victims, survived the crash. 

"We're definitely taking it day by day. Taking small steps towards recovery," said Ledesma.

Father and son are recuperating from their injuries at their home in Hayward.

Ledes,a says he was initially hospitalized for two days. Benjamin spent five days in the hospital.

"We've come a long way. We're on the up and up on our injuries," said Ledesma.

On Sept. 15 around 3:40 p.m., father and son were hit by a man who crashed his car into the Trader Joe's in Castro Valley. 

Ledesma said he and his children were at the check stand, having just paid for their groceries, when he heard a loud revving noise from a car outside.  

"I heard the window crash. Seconds after that we had a car on our hip," said Ledesma."Pushing my son and I against the cashier counter. And then like a tsunami, push us along into the store, into the racks."

Fortunately, Ledesma's 11-year-old daughter, Ciel, was not in the path of the car. California Highway Patrol said a total of eight people were injured. Some were struck by items sent flying by the crash. 

Ledesma said he suffers from a severe ankle sprain and fractured left knee. Son Benjamin needed emergency surgery the night of the crash. His injuries include a broken right hip, left shoulder and pelvis. He may need surgery for a severe tire burn on his left thigh. He is now in a wheelchair.

When asked what he planned to do when he could walk again, Benjamin replied, "Go to the park."

CHP identified the driver who crashed his car into Trader Joe's as Raymond Ardito of Hayward. 

Investigators said he was driving at an unsafe speed, made an unsafe turn, and that pedal confusion played a role in the crash. 

CHP said the 90-year-old has been referred to DMV for an evaluation of his driving abilities. He was not cited and will not face criminal charges.

"We have no ill feelings towards him. Hope everyone is doing well that was involved in the accident," said Ledesma. "I'm grateful for our well-being, to still be with our family and friends."

Ledesma said he'd like to see stores put up barriers out front to prevent this type of crash. And he hopes DMV will do thorough and extensive evaluations of older drivers when renewing their licenses.

Lesdesma said he's a truck driver in the process of looking for a new job, which is now on hold.

His wife has taken time off from her work to care for him and their son.

A friend has started a Gofundme to help the family. 

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