East Bay man gets prison time for online anti-Semitic threats, assault weapon

Ross Farca of Concord. 

A jury found a Concord man guilty of four felony charges related to posting anti0-Semitic murder threats online and illegally possessing an assault weapon, the Contra Costa District Attorney Diana Becton announced Wednesday.

"Ross Farca's criminality disrupted the lives of countless members of the Jewish faith within our community, " said District Attorney Diana Becton. "Hate crimes and threats of   this magnitude will not be tolerated."   

Farca, 25, initially posted hate speech on an online gaming platform on June 14, under the screen name "Adolf Hitler." 

Online, he said he wanted to mimic the works of previous mass synagogue shooters and kill any responding law enforcement, according to the district attorney's office.   

The posting prompted the Concord Police to search his residence, and upon investigation, police officer found an assault rifle, ammunition and Nazi-related objects.   

Farca also was charged for making threats to the leading investigator during another home search, according to police.   

Farca stayed in custody during the case after the prosecution considered him an ongoing threat to the community. He will be sentenced on Dec. 29.