East Bay tire-slasher sought; 20 vehicles vandalized in Concord over weekend

Police received several reports of vehicles with slashed tires Sunday in Concord and are seeking the public's help in the investigation.

Around 10 a.m., Concord police officers responded to Denkinger Court on a report of numerous vehicles that appeared to have slashed tires. A short time later, police received a similar report of vandalism nearby on
Dianda Drive.

During the investigation, police located more than 20 vehicles with slashed tires along Denkinger Court, Armand Drive and Dianda Drive.

Police are asking residents in the area to check their home surveillance systems between the hours of 9 p.m. Saturday and 7 a.m. Sunday for any suspicious activity.

One man says he was on his way to work when he found out he was one of the victims.  "Start driving a few feet down the road and feel somethings not right and look out and see my tires flat.  Then get out and look back at my truck and my rear tires flat," says Will Robinson.   He says a few months ago the other side of his truck was vandalized.  After that he bought surveillance cameras which he believes caught the person responsible for this weekend's incident.  "I looked at my truck and saw that I had a flat tire as well and I was like somebody was in the neighborhood sticking tires," says Jason Loomis of Concord.  

Loomis wasn't the only one in his family to have their tires slashed.  His brother's truck and boat trailer also was vandalized.  

Over at Big O Tires on Clayton Road we found more people with the same story.  Two women here had multiple tires replaced after the vandal struck their husband's vehicles. "One of his back tires was slashed and two of the trailer back tires were slashed," says Anna Mandrik.  "They slashed both vehicles on the driver’s side," says Dawn Lopez.  People at Big O say they're grateful for the business, but not under these circumstances.  Just from the four people we spoke replacing their ties will cost more than $2,000. 
Some residents say they're looking into buying surveillance cameras of their own and starting a neighborhood watch.

Anyone with a vandalized vehicle is encouraged to report it to police and reference case number 17-04921.