East San Jose's Tully Night Market back for a 2nd summer of festivities

For the second year in a row, people in East San Jose are coming out to support a night marketplace just off Tully Road. The weekly event was created by San Jose City Council member Maya Esparza to support local artists and vendors. 

The night market started last month and City Council member Maya Esparza says having live music, food and small business owners in one place is a win for the entire community. 

San Jose's Tully Night Market.

The Tully Night Market started last summer and it was so popular, that it’s back again this summer every Wednesday night.

"I always say it’s bringing that downtown experience. We’ve learned from downtown but we’re giving it some Eastside flavor," said Maya Esparza, San Jose City Council member for District 7. 

And flavor is definitely a part of what brings people back each week. 

"Right now I just ordered some hot dogs from the food truck right here so I’m about to check it out to see if it’s any good or not," said Adrian Macaraeg, who lives in San Jose.   

San Jose's Tully Night Market.

Road Dogs food truck says they heard about the night market and for the first time, decided to participate.   

"A lot of people like the Kamikaze Dog because it’s different. They like the Cheesy Bacon Dog because it’s like a normal street dog. But yeah, pretty good feedback," said Sophia Labucay, who works for Road Dogs Food Truck. 

The Tully Night Market also features live music, a beer and wine garden and a play area for kids. About 20 vendors sell everything from t-shirts, trinkets, jewelry, hand-made items and things even your pet can appreciate like dog shades. 

San Jose's Tully Night Market.

"So KayKos Dogs was actually born here in East San Jose. So when we found out that there was a night market, we wanted to actually let people know that this product that they can start seeing in stores was actually made here," said David Escalante, owner of KayKos Dog Shades. 

"All of my customers are really nice. It’s kind of just, more chill. It’s not so wild. Some of the events I’ve done, there’s like thousands of people. This one is nice and calm and they always have good live music," said Jodi Mascarenas, owner of Jodi 408 custom jewelry.   

Council member Esparza says the goal is to bring the community together for a night of fun. The Tully Night Market will be on Tully Road in East San Jose every Wednesday night from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., until October 26.

San Jose's Tully Night Market.