Emeryville police investigating shooting between cars

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Emeryville police are looking for a shooter in a white sedan who opened fire while chasing another car on Adeline Street Wednesday morning, police said.

Emeryville police Chief Jennifer Tejada reported shots fired at about 11:30 a.m. near 45th Street. She later provided a photo from surveillance video of a suspect holding a semi-automatic weapon out of a car window.

Police said witnesses reported the white sedan was chasing and shooting at a gray sedan. Witnesses say occupants of the gray sedan were firing back. No one was injured, but a parked van was hit by gunfire.

Officers found numerous shell casings along the street, police said. Neighborhood residents said Adeline Street was closed from 45th to 53rd streets as police investigated, with evidence markers all along the street.

"They were going 60, 70 miles an hour, chasing each other, " Richard Medina told KTVU on the porch of his home on Adeline Street.

Medina heard the gunfire, which he described as rapid fire "pop, pop, pop, pop." He thought it was firecrackers at first, but talked to neighbors who immediately identified it as gunfire and hit their floors.

"If this would have been two weeks from now, there could have been kids going to school on the next block," added Medina, "and there are a lot of pedestrians around here."

"There was a lot of shooting going on a residential street, in the middle of the morning," said Emeryville Police Lt. Fred Dauer.

"I'm glad I wasn't here, that's for sure," student Tiffany Ellis said, as she returned from classes Wednesday evening. "I'm glad my friends, and the people I live with, weren't either. It's pretty scary."

Many people were at school, or work, in the middle of the day. The owner of a hair salon said she had a few morning clients, then came back to find the commotion. "I have a business and a home here too," Nancy Pecker said. "So this is just upsetting."

Police have other images from security cameras, which they may release as well. They are also trying to secure actual video of the gun battle.

"We have no reports of injuries, no gunshot injuries from local hospitals," said Lt. Dauer.

As far as investigators know, a U-Haul rental van parked on Adeline, was the only vehicle damaged from bullets. Its rear window was blown out.

The suspects remain at large. Anyone with information about the shooting has been asked to call Emeryville police at (510) 596-3700.