Emotional Video: Student accepted to De La Salle carries on cousin's legacy

Video posted on Facebook shows the emotional moment when 8th grader Terrance "Josh" Carr learned he was accepted to De La Salle.

His stepmom Felicia Carr, or "bonus mom" as she calls herself, is heard in the background saying, "we received the letter from De La Salle letting Terrance know whether he was accepted to De La Salle or not so let's go ahead and read this email. It says 'Dear Terrance...' are you ready? 'Congratulations on behalf of De La Salle High School admissions committee. We are pleased to inform you that you have been conditionally accepted as a 9th grade student for the 2019 academic year in our Spartan Success Program."

Terrance's nerves quickly turn to joy and excitement as he realized he accomplished his goal.  

Some may say Josh was destined to attend De La Salle High School. His cousin was De La Salle graduate and football star Terrance Kelly who was fatally shot in 2004. When he was killed, Kelly was just two days away from going to college on a full ride scholarship to the University of Oregon.  

That's around the same time Kelly's cousin Malik heard he would be a father. So Terrance, known as Josh, was named in his cousin’s honor. 

"This is my tribute. This is my dedication to my little cousin. But I couldn't call the name. It was just impossible for me to do. It still is," said Josh’s father Malik Carr. Which is why many in the family call him Josh instead of Terrance.  

His father is extremely proud of his son's successes and says although baseball drives him, his education pushes him to do his very best.  

The 8th grader has a 4.10 grade point average and has his head is in the right place. "He's a great kid and he deserved it. He really does. He works hard in school in sports. Everything he does he puts his all into it,” says Carr.  

Josh's father says he made a pact with his son - go to school, get good grades and he would take care of the rest. 

Although some may feel there's a lot of pressure on Josh living in his cousin's shadow, his father says the young man chose this path and will succeed on his own name. "TK is TK, they made movies about that. We know about that. Be the best you.  You got his name, you got his blood. Go do what he didn't do," says Carr. 

Josh wants to live up to his cousin's name. "I wanted to carry on the legacy and get into that school ever since third to fifth grade. So when I heard I got in it was a relief," he said. 

Josh, a baseball star, understands it's important to keep his grades up. 

"So I can always have something to rely on if baseball doesn't work out," he said. 

If all goes as expected Josh will attend De La Salle's Success Summer school in July. Then be enrolled as the class of 2023 in August.