Employee injured in San Jose Costco parking-lot shooting

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- A Costco employee in San Jose was shot and wounded in the parking lot right after his shift ended. Police say the shooter is a woman and was arrested right on scene without incident.

Witnesses tell KTVU the shooter was the victim's ex-wife, and was waiting for him in the Costco parking lot. Those close to the victim say he just got off from work and almost made it to his car, before he was shot once in the leg.

They also say the man lost a lot of blood and left behind a trail of it, which was being cleaned up by crews by the time we arrived. The trail could be seen from a blue pickup truck leading back to the entrance of the store. We’re told the victim was dragged to safety by employees who saw the shooting unfold.

It all happened just after 12:30 Wednesday afternoon  at the Costco store on Almaden Expressway in San Jose. 

When police arrived, they say they arrested the woman on scene and confiscated the gun for evidence. A large section of the parking lot was cordoned off as officers collected evidence, while customers continued to shop.

“I overheard there was some shooting like boyfriend or girlfriend or something. I hope no one died you know, something minor...jealousy something like that,” said shopper Susan Corgan of San Jose.

No word on a motive yet. Police haven't confirmed that the shooter was an ex-wife. They're only saying that she was known to the victim. We're told the man is expected to survive.