Evacuation warning for Big Sur residents near Highway 1 collapse before rain arrives

An evacuation warning was issued on Wednesday morning for residents in the Big Sur area south of Rocky Creek Bridge on state Highway 1.

The warning comes ahead of rain forecast for Thursday and Friday that will suspend vehicle access.

The Monterey County Sheriff's Office issued the warning at 10:19 a.m. for residents between Rocky Creek Bridge and the Dolan Slide. Limited convoys have been running since Sunday, a day after a section of the highway collapsed. 

The last opportunity residents will have to evacuate is the northbound 4 p.m. convoy on Wednesday. Medically sensitive residents are encouraged to gather necessary equipment and supplies and evacuate because emergency medical services could be limited during the full road closure.

Neighbors are encouraged to ensure the evacuation warning has been acknowledged.

The highway is closed from Limekiln Creek State Park, south of Lucia, to just north of Rocky Creek Bridge, which is about 17 miles south of the city of Monterey.

Up to a half-inch of rain is forecast for Thursday, along with possible hail and snow in high elevations. Friday will bring another roughly quarter-inch of rain, according to the National Weather Service.


Big Sur Highway 1 temporary fix planned after road washed out

Following storms this weekend, a section of Highway 1 near Big Sur has crumbled. It initially left nearly 2000 people stranded. Now they're being escorted through the area, in between Rocky Creek Bridge and Bixby Bridge, twice a day. A temporary fix for the site is planned.

Crews will be on scene during the storm to monitor any changes that develop. Work to install 500 feet of concrete barriers to help guide the limited residential convoys will be completed in the coming days, according to Caltrans.

Convoys, which are limited to residents and essential workers, are expected to resume Saturday at 8 a.m.