'Face of Addiction' Mother shares story in hopes of inspiring others

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A mother is sharing her story of overcoming addition. 

Melissa Lee Matos posted a blog about her battle with addiction and her new life now that she's sober. 

A huge reality check came when Matos woke up one day and had no idea where her kids were. 

Mato says she had been shooting up dope and taking Xanax with the muscle relaxer Soma. Her room was pitch black and she woke up in a panic. "It was my usual reaction after nodding out. Having no idea what time it was, how long I had been out," she said. 

That's when she realized her house was completely quiet - too quiet. She recalled her fiancé had left and she was supposed to be watching the kids. Matos searched the house and couldn't find the kids anywhere. Then she searched the yard - nothing. It was 9:30 p.m. and she had no idea where her kids were. 

She ran into her yard screaming for her two girls. "Through the darkness, I watched my little baby, six years old, come running towards me from the neighbor's yard. 'Yea mommy? What's wrong? Why are you crying?' I felt the air rush back into my lungs. I was hysterical."

When Matos asked why the girls left the house they informed her she had granted permission. 

Her little girl replied, "'We knocked on your door, and you said it was alright to go. Don't you remember?' I didn't remember," said Mato. 

Mato described herself as "A needle junkie with a habit so fierce she spent days and nights in a self-induced coma on her bathroom floor. A girl who would spend every cent on dope and forget she had kids to feed and take care of... I was sick. I was dying."

She realized she was losing precious time with her girls, and it was time to make a change.

Melissa made that change and is sharing her story in hopes of inspiring others. She has been clean and in recovery for about a year and five months. 

"I am still learning to be a mother. I am far from a perfect, but I strive to be better each and every day," said Mato. 

She credits the 12 steps as helping in her recovery. 

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