Fairfield City councilman's death becomes impetus behind gun buyback event

A slain Fairfield council member was the force behind a gun buyback event Saturday.

Organized by the Matt Garcia Foundation, firearms were accepted anonymously in hopes of keeping his dream alive, and preventing gun violence in the community.

Matt Garcia was shot and killed in 2008. At age 22, he was one of the youngest to ever hold office in California.

Investigators said he was shot while driving in Cordelia, on his way to see a friend. The shooting was allegedly a case of mistaken identity in a drug deal.

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Two people were arrested and convicted in the homicide. The gun they used had been illegally bought at a garage sale.

According to the foundation, Garcia had wanted to become the mayor of his hometown since he was a little boy.

At just 21, he had emerged from modest roots to become a popular city councilman and one of the youngest elected officials in the state.

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The foundation carries out Garcia's dream to support the youth of Fairfield by providing places for them to go and things to do to keep them out of trouble, which in turn, would help decrease the violence and crime in the community.