Families protest outside Antioch police station, demand transparency

Families impacted by police violence protested outside the Antioch police station Saturday, calling for transparency and accountability.

They shared stories about family members who were killed or injured in-custody.

Kathryn Wade said her son Malad Baldwin was a victim of police brutality back in 2014 which led to issues with mental illness.

Antioch police say Baldwin was drunk, acting erratically and violently resisted officers.

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Wade said officers involved that incident were not disciplined instead, she saw them get promoted.

"I’m still traumatized because I tried everything I could to get justice and get these polices looked at," said Wade. "Your reports did not match what happened to my son."

The family of Angelo Quinto was also there. The 30-year-old died in December of 2020 after officers knelt on his neck while he was suffering a mental health emergency. 

A forensic pathologist who contracts with the county said his death caused by "excited delirium."

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Quinto’s sister Bella said, "excited delirium is widely denounced." She called it a "junk science diagnosis."

Family members also spoke in support of a bill that would separate Sheriff and coroner roles. They also want Sheriff David Livingston to resign. Last month, Livingston wrote a letter to staff defending a deputy who was sentenced to 6 years in prison for a fatal police shooting in Danville.