27-year-old killed near Oakland Coliseum was 'peaceful,' family says

Family and friends said a man shot and killed over the weekend in Oakland is 27-year-old Devante Davis – a peaceful person who went out of his way to help others.

They said they are sad and angry. 

They have a lot of questions about what happened, who's responsible and why.

"He's the baby," Jackie Clark said looking at photos of her nephew in the East Oakland home where she raised him along with her own son.

She described him as a joyful spirit who loved life and people.

Now she's struggling to make sense of why someone would shoot and kill him.

"How could somebody kill him like that? That was my child," said Clark.  

Police said Sunday just after 9 a.m., Davis was shot multiple times near a homeless encampment on Baldwin Street, near the Oakland Coliseum.

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He was transported to a hospital where he died.

Friend Tequilla Warner said she spoke to him the night before he was killed, never thinking that would be the last time.

"He was my little brother. We did everything together," said Warner.  

Terranika Adams, another friend, said on the morning Davis was killed, he was with a male friend who she said was not a good influence. 

She said that person's involvement with drugs may have been a factor.

"I have personally seen him do drugs and that's not the type of person you should be around with when you're young, and you have so much going for yourself," said Adams.  

Friends shared a video of Davis when he first got his apartment in downtown Oakland.  

They said he worked as a bathroom attendant and at Bed Bath and Beyond. 

Some friends said they became close with Davis when they attended and graduated from Oakland High School. 

Davis recently talked about his dream of becoming a father.

"I want to have kids.  I said 'Is that right? I'm going to hold you to it,'" said friend Quan Bullock.  

Davis' family said they're frustrated with the lack of information from police and that they went to police headquarters Wednesday. 

They said they came away with no answers.  

"We're not looking for any type of revenge, just justice for my baby," said Clark.  

"If anybody has any information, tell.  Say something even if you do it anonymously. Say something," said Warner.  

The Oakland LGBTQ Community Center will hold a gathering in memory of Davis on Saturday at 1 p.m.

His aunt said funeral arrangements are pending. 

She's waiting for the coroner's office to release his body.

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