Family fights for justice in Richmond teen's slaying just blocks from his home

Surrounded by family and friends, the parents of Otilio Martinez Jr. or 'Nico' came together to remember a young man, who was gunned down over a year ago just blocks from his home and is gone too soon.  

"This was his neighborhood. For him to have been murdered walking home, it hurts," says Josie Martinez, Nico's mother.

The family is prepared to live that pain all over again as the trial of the men accused of killing Nico begins next week. The men are charged with numerous violent crimes, as well as the murder of two others and Nico's.  

"I'm so grateful for the fact that we're going to be able to say we can get justice and it all starts on Monday," says Josie Martinez.

"It kind of like opens up things again. It just hurts," says Otilio Martinez, Nico's Father.  

The date was September 19, 2016. 18-year-old Nico was just a few blocks away from his home. 

That's when investigators say when he was gunned down outside a church, shot more than 40 times at close range. 

"I avoid driving past this place just so I don't have to feel anger," says Otilio Martinez. 

Since Nico's death. The family has worked hard to honor him.  A young man they say was loved by all he touched.

The Martinez family says people they've never met drop off flowers and other items to keep Nico's memory alive. 

Now the family prepares for their next mission: Justice for Nico. They hope that the men police say are responsible do their time.

"Just to put them away forever to where they can't hurt and destroy peoples families and everything," says Otilio Martinez.  

"God will have the final say and we will get our justice," says Josie Martinez. 

Police are still looking for Cardell Waters in connection with Nico's murder and the other crimes.