Family of Bay Area teen left paralyzed after shooting at football game at risk of losing home

Home for Ashley Parker is a place surrounded by flowers and filled with love. It is a home that has literally been built for her and one she says holds her future.

Two years ago Ashley was hit by a stray bullet and is paralyzed from the waist down. Today she continues to build a new life.

"I think that some people like this is, to most people who are in wheelchairs who are paralyzed, they think that walking is the end goal," says Ashley. "And I’ve learned to see that like that is not the end goal. The goal is to be healthy and to live life, just healthy."

Ashley has always been able to find light in the dark. Optimism and strength two things we have seen from Ashley since we met her just weeks after she had been hit by a stray bullet at a high school football game.

"It’s a big difference whoa it’s different, but I’m fine with it because there is still a lot of stuff I can do," says Ashley.

Since our first interview with Ashley we've checked in from time to time on Ashley and her family. We were there when she returned to school and checked in on her at the one-year anniversary of the shooting.

Two years later, Ashley says the memories are still fresh.

"No, it literally feels like yesterday," says Ashley, "like I look back and like, sometimes I think like, you know, you always want to like, focus on what you can't do."

The fact that she has stayed optimistic is even more remarkable in face of what the last year has brought their family.

Ashley's mother Theresa has been there through it all.  She credits her faith getting her through the shooting

She quit her job to care for Ashley and then this year, she suffered her own health crisis. Doctors told her it was an AVM, a brain condition can lead to headaches and seizures.

She says dealing with her condition led to weight loss and depression, as she tried to come to terms with the fact that she was a caregiver who needed care herself.

She doesn't know how long she had the condition, but she says she is grateful the problems didn't start earlier, because that’s when her daughter needed her most.

"I mean, just God is good because when the doctor said when Ashley was under emergency that night" says Theresa Parker, "I’m screaming at the top of my lungs, I could have a stroke, but I’m glad I did it. And then God prepared me for another year and help that Ashley will be able to help herself before it happened to me."

And so now, comes the latest challenge.

The family rents the home that has been built for Ashley. The owner of the house has been supportive, but he is elderly and now needs to get his affairs in order.

Jerry Feagley of Feagley Realty says the owners hope is that Ashley and her family stay in the home.

It’s a situation more complicated because Ashley’s mom can't work anymore, but the owner has slashed the price of the home to try to find a way.

"Oh yeah, it's probably as much as a 30% discount," says Feagley.

Jerry Feagley and realtor Cindy Wilson say they are volunteering their time work with the banks, and have started a GoFundMe to raise money for the down payment

"They're just good what I call salt of the earth" says Feagley. "People that deserve an opportunity to own their own home, and I know they'll make us all proud if in fact, we can make this happen. The other thing is, of course, Ashley is such an inspiration to me personally because of her will to continue and go and grow."

It is the hope that they can continue to stay in this home that has seemed to grow with them. Doorways have been widened for Ashley’s wheelchair, ramps built and pool added for therapy. It has been a place of shelter they say through the darkest times.  It is home.

"That’s been hard for our whole family just to like, go through one thing after the other", admits Ashley. "It's very difficult. Yeah, it's difficult. But like we know at the end of the day that this is what God's plan for us. And I promise myself a long time ago that I would not. I would try to live my life happy and not so sad and angry because that's just going to get me nowhere."