Family of man beaten in Fremont wedding brawl pray for his recovery

The family of a man brutally beaten outside a wedding reception in Fremont last month spoke out about their frustrations with the criminal investigation.

The wife and daughter of Daljit Gill from Union City spoke at a Fremont City Council meeting on Tuesday. They each expressed how hard it has been to have Gill in the hospital and his 10-year-old daughter said she prays for her father every night.

Gill’s wife told the council she wants justice for her family. She also said she has provided extensive evidence to the Fremont Police Department, but has not seen desired results in terms of arrests.

Gill was involved in a fight that broke out in the parking lot of the Royal Palace in Fremont where approximately 700 guests had been attending a wedding reception. Roughly 70 people began fighting outside the venue and attendees said it was started by uninvited guests.

“My brother tried to stop and say, ‘Hey guys, just have fun and enjoy the party’,” Manjit Gill, Daljit’s brother said.

Manjit Gill said his brother got beaten for trying to intervene.

“There were a whole lot of guys that started hitting my brother and we tried to stop them,” Gill said. “He was unconscious right there on the ground and they still kept beating him up.”

The fight initially left Daljit in a coma at the hospital. The father of two went through multiple surgeries and is improving, but his brother said he will likely never make a full recovery.

“We’re going through pain and suffering,” he said. “The family members can’t sleep… We are all worried about his health.”

Manjit said he is frustrated with the investigation because only one man has been arrested.

A spokeswoman for the Fremont Police Department said the case remains open and with so many people involved, some witnesses are participating, but others are not. She said investigators believe people on both sides of the fight are at fault, but the main suspect is  being held accountable for his actions.

Manjit wants to see more arrests.

“The city of Fremont needs to hire more police officers and expedite that,” he said. “Fremont city is a very peaceful city. It shouldn’t happen like that.”

A peaceful protest was held outside the Fremont City Council meeting to request justice for Daljit Gill.