Family pleads for help in solving case of slain Bay Area news security guard

The family of a retired police officer who was killed while working as a security guard for a television crew in Oakland made a public appeal for even the smallest clue to help solve the case.

Virginia Nishita, the widow of Kevin Nishita, pleaded for members of the public to come forward.

"I kindly please ask, if anyone was in the area, in the Oakland community at the time this incident happened and they have cell phone footage, that they please give it to the Oakland Police Department. We're seeking to find the reasoning behind all of this," the woman said.

Until he retired from active police duty, Nishita's family knew very little about his daily work life.

His daughter, Maureen Campos, said, "When he was a police officer, he never really talked about the danger of it. I guess he just never wanted us to worry about what he's putting at risk every time he was out there."

But they knew full well what his priorities were.

His wife said, "Family, going to see the grandkids. Our diners that we have here. Deciding what to cook  You know, he loved to cook. So, I'm the helper. He's the cook."

Enrique Serrano, Nishita's son, said, "He never asked for anything in return. He was always asking what I needed or what we needed. Even with how old we are now, he just asked to be happy, work hard in life."

Nishita died on Nov. 26, three days after he was shot in the abdomen while protecting a local news crew in downtown Oakland. Oakland police said it was an attempted robbery.