Family with triplets displaced by fires receives donated RV

A young family with triplets who lost everything in the North Bay fires thought they would spend Christmas in a tiny one bedroom trailer. But an act of kindness changed all of that when the family was given a more spacious place to call home. 

When they heard the Swans' story, RVs Without Borders stepped in to help by donating a 32-foot home on wheels. Counties in the North Bay joined in by offering temporary dwelling permits and some ordinances had to be changed. 

Kira and Cody Swan say, "It's awesome. We were living in this teeny tiny trailer and now we're going to have all this space. We're going to have a lot more room to spend time with our kids."

The triplets will be two in February and now have 32 feet of room to roam.

Kimberly Carr with RVs Without Borders says, "We have RVs that we can loan or donate right now and the reason we haven't done that is because we need homeowners to offer the opportunity to park an RV with a temporary dwelling permit". 

If you have a home that wasn't damaged in the wildfires, you can always help by hosting a family on your property. Visit