Fatal officer-involved shooting in San Leandro

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Police are investigating a fatal officer-involved shooting that occurred in a San Leandro residential neighborhood late Tuesday afternoon.  

The shooting occurred at 4:17 p.m. in the 600 block of Martin Boulevard near Madison Park Academy, a middle school and high school.

Police said they received 911 calls about a man wielding a machete in the street and exposing himself to children. 

"Officers arrived on the scene. They tried several methods of communication to reason in order to drop the machete so they could continue the call they were dispatched to. The individual refused to cooperate. He made statements saying he would harm officers if they arrived," said Lt. Isaac Benanou. 

Police said the suspect pointed an object that looked like a gun at officers, which prompted an officer to shoot. It is not clear what the object was. 

The man who was shot and killed by police was a 56-year-old Latino. His name has not been released. 

The area was cordoned off with yellow tape and a number of police vehicles were at the scene.  

Bay City News contributed to this report.