Father finds solace as son’s murderer sentenced to life behind bars

Nearly five years after his son was shot and killed, an Oakland father says he can finally find some solace.

Shortly after the man who killed his son Davon, was sentenced to life behind bars, we spoke with Chris Ellis. 

"When my son was first murdered, I took six months off work to just deal with this," Ellis said. 

On February 28, 2015, Davon, an Oakland Tech High School student, was walking with two friends in East Oakland when they encountered Ronald Higgins. 

"They were walking to the store on Brookdale. A guy pulled up and asked them if they knew somebody named Tim. They said no and he just shot," Ellis said. 

That night forever changed Ellis' life. Now, the man who killed his son had his day in court and heard his fate. He had taken a plea deal back in July. 

"This case would not have been solved without the detectives doing their due diligence and getting all the video footage, talking to all the witnesses and getting everything in order," Ellis said. "He actually has been sentenced to three life sentences. We have some closure."  

But still no forgiveness, Ellis said. Had Davon lived, he would be 19-years old. Ellis said there's not a day that goes by that he doesn't think or talk to his son. 

He said tonight that conversation will go a little easier. 

"It's done. You can rest. We love you. I know you're always watching over us. Everything I do is for you and your name. But this guy who hunted you down and hurt us as a family, he can no longer hurt anybody else," Ellis said. 

Ellis said he goes inside correctional facilities to talk with the men who are serving time to better understand how he can help what he calls a broken criminal justice system.