Father of four killed by stray bullet while waiting for ride-share in Oakland

Chrystian Valdez Negrete was a devoted father of four who lived in Oakland. 

"He was the primary breadwinner. He was a very good father. He kind of took care of everything it sounds like within the family," says Bay Area Beverage Company President TJ Louderback.

Saturday morning just after 2:00 a.m., he was shot and killed. 

Oakland police say Negrete's was in the 4,000 block of International Boulevard when he was shot.  According to family friends, Negrete was waiting for his ride share vehicle when the shots were fired.  
Another man was also hit by a bullet. He was taken to an area hospital and is expected to survive. However, Negrete was pronounced dead at the scene. 

"You see the news but when you live the news it’s a lot harder," says Louderback.

For 16 years Negrete worked for Richmond's Bay Area Beverage Company.  He started off loading trucks and later worked in receiving.  His co-workers describe him as a funny man who was always willing to help out.

"He'd always make coffee for everyone and that's one thing he remembers. He'd also have his particular seat that he'd always sit down," says Negrete's co-worker Samuel Maya.

"I'm in shock. Sometimes I try to forget things and then all the memories come to my head and I cry sometimes," says Negrete's co-worker Ruben Hernandez. 

"We just miss Chrystian, and we want to support his family as much as we can they're in tough shape right now. It's just a sad state of affairs," says Louderback. 

The company has created a GoFundMe account to raise money for Negrete's widow and four children whose ages range six to 17.  The oldest daughter is in Mexico and the family had hoped to bring her to the U.S.

Company officials are also working with Oakland CrimeStoppers to double the reward in hopes of making an arrest. 

"We'd like to see them pay. We'd like to see some justice for sure," says Louderback. 
As of right now, there isn't any word on an arrest and police haven't released any suspect information.