Father of Richmond shooting victim opens up about son

The father of a Richmond man killed while sitting in a car with two friends made an emotional plea for answers and justice.

Vishal Vinit Maharaj was shot and killed along with 18-year-old Tyzion Harris, also of Richmond.

Friends say the third man who survived but was seriously injured is Harris's brother.

The triple shooting happend Thursday afternoon.  Police say shot-spotter alerted them at 3:47pm to the 3100 block of Esmond Avenue, a residential area.

Investigators say it's unclear if the gunman or shooters walked up or drove by when opening fire while the men were sitting in a parked grey Acura four-door sedan.

Richmond police released surveillance video Friday provided by a neighbor.

Multiple gunshots can be heard on surveillance video.  Then a dark blue Ford Explorer is seen driving on Esmond Avenue in Richmond Thursday afternoon.

Police said they're looking for the driver of that vehicle who may have witnessed the deadly shooting.

"We just want to talk to them, not as a suspect. We just want to have a conversation to see if they saw anything," said Alicia Moore, a spokeswoman for Richmond police department.

"It is indeed a sad and sorrowful occasion for us," said Vinod Maharaj, the father of Vishal, as he addressed the many relatives and friends in the Fiji-Indian community gathered in the family home to offer their condolences Friday evening.

Maharah describes his 31-year-old  son as happy-go-lucky and shy. Vishal's nickname was Mr. Bean because the family thought he resembled the comedian.

"It's just senseless, the killing. I don't know what prompted it," said Maharaj.  The grieving father said he'd like to speak with the person or people responsible,"You hurt two families and many people surrounding the families and friends."

Maharaj said his son helped build the family home where he lived with his parents and he worked in his father's rental property business.

It was Maharaj's dream to leave the home and the business to his only son.... That dream dashed.

"For whoever's responsible, turn yourself in.  Ask for forgiveness," urged Maharaj.

He's asking witnesses, including whoever's in the blue Ford Explorer seen on the video released by police, to cooperate with police if they saw what happened.

"I'd like him to be caught." said Maharaj, "I'd like to ask him what did these kids do to you? Why? Why are you angry? Why did you do this?"

The family plans to hold funeral services for Vishal Maharaj Wednesday, October 9, 2019  from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Twin Chapels Mortuary, 1100 Tennessee Street in Vallejo.

They say it will be open to the public.