FBI release video of Cheescake Factory attack, offer reward

Authorities in Southern California have released surveillance video, and are offering a reward, of a February attack at a crowded restaurant. 

The FBI wants to question the man in the video about an explosion at the Cheesecake Factory restaurant in Pasadena on February 2.

Authorities say someone tossed a home-made explosive device inside the restaurant- causing chaos as people scrambled to escape.

No one was seriously hurt.

The suspect was seen on video throwing a piece of dark clothing into a trash can.

Deirdre Fike with FBI Los Angeles says, "The FBI is offering a reward up to $20,000 for any information that leads to tips, and information that identifies the individual or groups involved in this act".

The man in question is described as being about 30 years old, 6 feet tall, and weighing 160 pounds, with a heavy beard.

Federal investigators still don't know the motive behind the incident, but they don not believe it was an act of terrorism.