FBI: Scammers targeting older victims in 'Latin Lotto' scheme

The FBI sent out a warning about a lottery scheme targeting older Latinos in California. 

Investigators said the scammers approach Latinos, usually women ranging in age from their mid-60s to 80s, telling them they have a winning lottery ticket but need help cashing it in. 

In most cases, the scammers only spoke Spanish and told their victims they are undocumented.

Some of the victims end up withdrawing thousands of dollars of their own money to cover the cost of the lottery winnings, which they expect to get back when they cash in the fake ticket. 

Special agent Voviette Morgan said, "What we've heard from the victims is that the scammers are very convincing and tend to inundate the victim with details that can be confusing and in some cases, the victims have stated that they felt intimidated."

Four people accused of carrying out the scheme were arrested in Los Angeles, but investigators say more scammers are willing to take their place.