'Feisty' koala sneaks into Australian man's car to 'enjoy the AC,' refuses to leave, wild video show

Photo: Tim Whitrow

An Australian man learned two valuable lessons while making a pitstop at a vineyard near Adelaide to check on fruit: never leave your car doors open and always be on the lookout for troublemaker koalas.

Tim Whitrow, a local winemaker, was shocked to discover a furry creature chilling inside his vehicle just minutes after he stepped outside with his dog.

He could see a shadow of the animal from a short distance. When he returned to the car to take a closer look, he was shocked to discover a "feisty" koala sitting upright in the backseat.

"When you leave your car doors open in a vineyard koalas jump into your car ... we're going to go let him go," Whitrow explained in a minutes-long video clip he shared on social media.

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