Feng Shui Master Y.C. Sun and his predictions for the lunar new year

The Chinese New Year welcomes in the year of the ox. The celebration of the new year means many traditions and celebrations, and for those who like to follow the zodiac signs, it’s also a chance to get insight into what the year of the ox might bring, Feng Shui master and I-ching reader Master Y.C. Sun likes to provide what he calls a road map.

"I feel very optimistic because the ox will bring us a year of recovery discovery and reimagination," says Sun.

Master Y.C. Sun has been studying I-ching reading, and Feng shui and fortune telling for his entire life.   It is in fact a family tradition.

Sun says, "when I was a child my dad was a fortune teller and I was always sitting at the table and I was able to get an early start as a child."

These days he says he mixes tradition and information that stretches back thousands of years with a modern methodology. He says the ox brings a lot to be optimistic about. 

"The ox has a mystical power to stop very bad situation and also stabilize that bad situation caused by the rat in the previous year and to start the process of recovery in turning things around so by mid june of this year we can return to some sort of normal."

He says there is precedent.  The zodiac signs come around every 12 years, and so if you look back at the last year of the rat, that was 2009.  It was tough year with the market crashing, but the next year when bounced back, was in fact the year of the ox.

Now important to note Master Sun is offering no guarantees simply a roadmap and what he says are pretty good odds.

"I practice for decades and I go for 75 percent accuracy.  This is good enough to help people enhance their life reduce their stress and allow them to have a very happy life," says Master Sun. 

For those looking for a more personal outlook, he says you have to look to your own zodiac sign because different signs have better relationship with each other than others.

"In Chinese zodiac the tiger monkey and rat they conduct really well with the ox," explains Sun, "so the ox gives them tender loving care focused like a tiger is going to be the best because it has the romantic tlc as well as a strong progressive career element in it." 

People born in the year of the dog be warned, the dog and the ox don't get along.

The pandemic has affected the way Master Sun does readings. He is doing zoom readings but he says even virtually people like a glimpse at what's to come.  He says overall what's to come is a lot of new. He says as you might expect, we are on new ground in science and technology, "the ox gives people the wisdom of discovery."

Discovering a way out of a tough year into something better.