Feral cat colony being removed from rural Santa Cruz County

photo courtesy Santa Cruz County

By Bay City News Service

Santa Cruz County Animal Control officers will be removing a colony of about 100 feral cats over the next few weeks from a rural property in Boulder Creek in an unincorporated part of the county.

According to the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter, a resident in the area began feeding the cats, despite the fact none of them were spayed or neutered. The resident then asked for assistance from the shelter, which will
now be an ongoing process for a few weeks.

Shelter officials said their policy is to never turn away an animal for any reason. The cats will be examined at the shelter and will then receive veterinary care, in addition to being spayed or neutered, vaccinated
and given microchip IDs.

Colonies of feral cats can be overwhelming for people trying to care for them. In addition to cat feces and urine, which may become a nuisance on neighbors' property, feral cats can irritate indoor cats.

Wildlife populations, including songbirds and reptiles can also take a hit since cats will prey on them.

The shelter has teamed up with Heading Home Animal Rescue to seek guardians for the cats. Those interested in adopting or caring for an animal can contact the animal shelter at (831) 454-7200.

Anyone interested in donating to the animal shelter can visit www.scanimalshelter.org/donate