Ferrari has USF motoring up WCC standings

Seriously, is there a better local athlete name than Frankie Ferrari?

For the Junior guard at University of San Francisco, who led his team to a win over No. 22 Saint Mary’s a week ago, some of his teammates initially thought his name must have been either a joke or a nickname.  

“He's got a great name recognition. I can't believe Ferrari hasn't spoke to me about offering him a job,” says USF head coach Kyle Smith.

“I get tweets at me,” admits USF junior Frankie Ferrari.   “Fans throw stuff at me that are pretty cool and pretty nitty for my name so it's cool.”

Ferrari is revving up his game to match his name – becoming the first USF Don to earn West Coast Conference player of the week honors since 2014.

“That's my personality, my makeup,” he says.  “I try to be like a leader.  If there's an opportunity to help my team win, I will take full advantage of it.”

Ferrari’s coach notes his ethic, a gym rat and all around good guy. And his teammate, sophomore Charles Minlend, describes his on-court swagger and confidence. 

But that success hasn’t come easy.  

The road to WCC stardom has been long and windy.  Frankie played at Burlingame High School before transferring to Riordan high, and then back to Burlingame. He began his college career at USF, transferred to Canada College before finally finding a home – again –on the Hilltop.  

“I've been around, been in my fair share of places,” says Ferrari.  “It's nice to be back – to see familiar faces and to finally feel comfortable. I think that's helped a lot this year for sure.”

Whatever the reason, Ferrari is thriving.  And the Dons are winning at just the right time. 

“You don't want to peak in November, you want to peak in March,” says Ferrari.  “I feel like we're hitting our stride right now, we could be dangerous in the upcoming weeks.”

As for driving his namesake?

“I'd like to own one but it's a little out of my price range right now as a college student.  Hopefully one day, that'd be really cool,” he says.