Field of flags honors veterans

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It looks like a sea of red, white and blue in the front lawn of Van Wert Elementary school in Rockmart; 10,000 flags in perfect rows, placed in the yard one by one.

Christina Garrett, a paraprofessional at the school, said she wanted a way to honor and remember her husband, William, who died after serving in Afghanistan. But it soon grew into something much bigger. Now there’s a field of flags to honor all veterans.

It took Garrett, a few friends and her two children, 20 hours over two days to plant each of the flags.

“It is a way for my kids to understand that putting out a small flag, even ten thousand flags, doesn’t compare to what just one veteran has done for us,” said Garrett.

Hope Garrett was only 11 months old when her father died. Her little brother, Timothy, was born one month after his dad's death.

“I never got to meet him, so my mom decided we should do these ten thousand flags,” said Timothy.

Hope said when she looks out over the field of flags, it's a powerful reminder of the sacrifices so many have made.

“It reminds me of my dad and all the veterans who have served and I'm very thankful,” said Hope.

Christina Garrett said she hopes all veterans who pass by Van Wert Elementary and see the flags know how much they're appreciated.

“I just want to respect them and say thank you while they're still here. Tomorrow's not promised,” said Garrett.

The flags will be on display through the weekend. Van Wert Elementary is on Atlanta Highway in Rockmart.