Filming the Matrix in San Francisco; giddy onlookers hoping for a peek at Keanu Reeves

It looks like Hollywood in San Francisco.

You may have seen or heard about one famous star taking selfies with the locals. It's Keanu Reeves, and the film he's working, Matrix 4, on is already a big attraction. 

For tourists and locals, it's a rare opportunity to get a peek at a big budget Hollywood film in the making. If Armageddon comes to San Francisco, it might look and sound like some of the scenes being played out on the streets. In reality, it's the work of Hollywood.

The city has been buzzing with activity, not just from camera drones overhead in the financial district, but from all the movie making going on, especially from one not-so-secret project code named "Project Ice Cream."

"Everybody knows it's The Matrix, so it's kind of weird, they call it Project Ice Cream, but everybody knows it's The Matrix," said Daniel Rosales.

As meticulous movie making crews prepared for a night of action filled shooting, onlookers got a peek of the behind the scenes activity that makes the silver screen come alive. One couple drove from Pacifica, hoping to see a star.

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"See if we can catch a couple scenes, maybe see Keanu," said Chris Pomerantz.

"I wanted to come and see the filming of The Matrix, Yeah, I wanna see the stars," added his wife, Luz Pomerantz.

Clips of the action are circulating on social media, giving glimpses of movie mayhem playing out in San Francisco, like the low-flying choppers seen Saturday night.

"The helicopter was like, 45 feet away from us and they say it wasn't supposed to be that close.  I think it was a mistake of the filming crew and I hope they do more mistakes like that so we could have more experience," said Kimchi Pham.

 It was a night out for a local couple, posing for a selfie with a bag of popcorn watching, not a movie, but movie making.

"They were filming the scene, they explode about five or six cars I think here, there were big fires, it was nice, interesting.  We had our popcorn," said Angelo Papas.

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 It looks like a horrible accident happened on Battery street, but in reality, the destroyed vehicles are the charred remains of an explosive scene.

"It's more scary when you see it," said Kaakamel Bouzidi.

For locals getting to see how all the Hollywood ingredients are mixed together to make a Blockbuster, they'll reminisce about the time they got to see pieces of the puzzle before it became a big screen picture.

"I'll be thinking when I'm looking at the movie, I'll be like 'Yeah, when those helicopters were around I was at my house playing video games.'"