Final prostitution charge dropped against former Oakland police officer

The last charge against a former Oakland police officer accused of relations with a prostitute was dropped Thursday, the East Bay Times reported. 

Ryan Walterhouse’s charge, a misdemeanor count of engaging in an act of prostitution, was dismissed after the Alameda County District Attorney’s office couldn’t find the 21-year-old prostitute involved, said his attorney Michael Cardoza.
Walterhouse had also been charged with two felony counts of conspiracy to obstruct justice after he was accused of tipping off a prostitute to an undercover FBI sting operation on International Boulevard on in October 2016. Judge Kevin Murphy dropped the charges last month, stating it did not amount to conspiracy, the newspaper reported.

The allegations against Walterhouse occurred during a time when the Oakland Police Department was reeling from accusations of a sex scandal in relation to the woman referred to as Celeste Guap.

Walterhouse was not related to the Guap scandal, but Cardoza also represented two other clients who were connected with that case.