Fire at Tesla Factory confined to area under construction

The fire that has been burning at the Tesla Factory in Fremont's Warm Springs District since late Thursday afternoon is located in an area of the automobile assembly plant that is under construction and is contained to a vehicle manufacturing stamping machine, according to a Fremont Fire Department spokesperson.

The fire was first reported at 4:27 p.m. at the plant, at 45500 Fremont Blvd., according to fire department spokesperson Aisha Knowles. 

She added that it is a "deep-seated fire", and that Fremont firefighters have been coordinating the firefighting effort with the Tesla Fire Response Team.

Two Fremont fire engines and one truck remain at the scene to monitor the fire. 

Knowles said the cause of the fire is molten aluminum and hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic fluid has been identified as the source of the fire. 

There are no reports of injuries to Tesla or Fremont Fire Department personnel. 

The fire is not affecting traffic on Fremont Boulevard nor nearby Interstate 880.