Fire erupts in Concord after construction crew hits gas main

A ruptured gas main burst into flames late Wednesday morning in Concord.

According to the Concord Police Department, around 10:20 a.m. a construction crew working in the area of Grant and Frederick streets hit the gas line, causing a fire and explosion.

Crews were using a road compactor in the area and ran over and ruptured a high pressure gas pipeline near the intersection.

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Neighbor Jan Cabral said, "It was terrible, the whole house shock. One big explosion. Then I looked over to the right, and then I saw 25-foot flames."

Cabral said the explosions kept coming.

"One, and then three minutes later another one, three minutes another one. And then another one," she described.

The crew member who was operating the equipment was lucky to have survived the fire and explosion.

A gas main broke on Grant Street in Concord. Nov. 16, 2022 

"He (construction worker) said he was grading through the ditch and hit a gas pipe and immediately it erupted with fire. He was able to get out, luckily, without injury," said Con Fire Battalion Chief Paul Silva.

Firefighters were able to contain the fire to the roadway and the construction equipment.

No structures are threatened, and no evacuations were ordered. 

Crews worked for serval hours to cap the gas line.