Firefighters investigating car fire in Martinez

Firefighters in Martinez are invstigating a car fire that spread to a garage and caused a loud explosion.

The fire happened around 2 on Sunday morning on Phylis Terrace near Alhambra Avenue.

A neighbor says when he heard what sounded like a bomb, he went to see what happened. He saw a car engulfed in flames in the driveway of a home. 

Firefighters say a family was inside at the time, but were able to get out safely.

Anthony Poppi, a neighbor, says, "In 5 minutes, I mean the car was engulfed- just massive flames. It caught the next car on fire, then it caught the front of the garage on fire, all I'd say within 7 minutes. It was just a huge fire. And before all that happened, there was this huge bang."

Firefighters say the explosion was likely tires and parts of the vehicle on fire. 

No one was injured.