Oakland warehouse fire contained, area residents told to close windows

More than 10 hours after a fire at the Pacific Supply warehouse in West Oakland broke out, firefighters kept a steady stream of water directed at the building.

The fire, which started at 10 p.m. Wednesday near 24th and Wood, burned so hot and the flames and smoke were so intense, firefighters had to ask East Bay Municipal Utility District to boost the water pressure in the area to tackle it.

Pacific Supply is a roofing company that sells flammable materials like insulation, drywall and stucco. The metal roof of the building collapsed during the fire, making it difficult for firefighters to put out the fire.

"It's burning debris under the roof, because we had a full roof collapse," said Oakland Fire Battalion Chief Lionel Jarreau. 

Representatives from Pacific Supply declined to speak but worked with firefighters on a plan to bring heavy equipment to the site to remove parts of the metal roof.

"We will probably be here all day, bringing in the excavator equipment so that we can get to the fire," Jarreau said. 

How the fire began is under investigation. It first started outside the building and spread inside before consuming the warehouse. No one was hurt, and the fire didn't spread to any other buildings nearby.

By late morning, Oakland Public Works crews were brought in to help drain nearby roads. So much water was directed at the fire over a 10-hour period that the streets looked like lagoons.

The flammable materials trapped underneath the building's roof continued to smolder, sending regular plumes of dark smoke into the air.

 Firefighters recommend that if you live in West Oakland, you should keep your windows and doors closed today to avoid the heavy smoke.

West Oakland fire.