First meeting with new San Francisco District Attorney described as 'horrible and icy'

Staff members who attended the first meeting led by the newly appointed San Francisco District Attorney, Brooke Jenkins, described the 20-minute-long meeting, as "uncomfortable" and "icy" with no clear directives. 

Jenkins led the meeting with roughly 25 senior staff at her new office building, soon after she was sworn in as district attorney Friday afternoon, according to SFGate

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Meeting attendees, who asked to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation, told SFGate Jenkins started the meeting reassuring Boudin hires that she cared for them, despite her efforts to recall Boudin. 

No one was fired on Friday, though she told the attendees she may meet with them in the future for "a possible reshuffling in the office."

Attendees also said that Jenkins did not provide any clear directives until being asked. She apparently instructed attendees to review every case with a plea offer that had not been accepted by the suspect. 

They said Jenkins asked the attendees to prioritize drug cases though she did not specify cases that involved drug users or drug dealers.