First responders prepare for next major quake on 1906 SF anniversary

San Francisco's first responders took the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake as an opportunity to prepare for the next major quake.

For the city of San Francisco April 18 is a day to remember the 1906 earthquake. But, the city is also looking forward, preparing for the next big one.

The city conducting a test of the alert sf system pushing an text message to mobile phones that have registered the alert sf service.

"Being able to get information about what to do to be safe following an earthquake is crucial," said Kristen Hogan from San Francisco Department of Emergency Management.

At the same time the city hosted a regional conference to share the latest in communication technology.

First responders saying the exchange of information from all areas impacted by a major earthquake will be critical. "How will I communicate with our neighboring counties to see how badly they are effected," said Jonathan Baxter from San Francisco Fire Department. "What resources they need and then what resources they can give to us."

San Francisco's Fire Department also backing planned improvements to fire house 35  in particular the boat docks where marine units are ready to respond.

The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission voted unanimously to allow the construction of a new two story fire boat station and to replace the aging dock creating room for an additional  boat and a number of Jetskis to be housed here.

Fire fighters say with water on three sides of the city the fire boats are critical to responding to the next great quake just as they did in 1989 when fire support from the water helped save the city's marina district. "That vehicle, the boat, is going to be able to provide a complete water source if needed," said Baxter. "1989, if we didn't have that fire boat pumping water from the bay I don't want to speculate. But, we've all seen what occurred."

People living and working in San Francisco can opt into the Alert SF network by texting 888-777.

The final piece to the puzzle, first responders say, is making sure the public is prepared. That means getting an earthquake kit together and be ready to be self sufficient for 72 hours.