First time in 31 days there is no Spare the Air alert

After a month of smoke-filled skies, a Spare the Air alert was not issued for Thursday, snapping a record of 30 consecutive days of bad air quality.

In fact, most of the Bay Area was in the green, or good, zone, a nice contrast from being in the purple, or very unhealthy zone, which had blanketed the region for many days as a result of the raging West Coast wildfires. 

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District added that it will not issue an alert either for Friday.

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Officials cautioned that smoke from wildfires throughout the region may "slightly impact" local air quality and cause hazy skies, but air quality is not expected to reach unhealthy levels.

Burning wood or other solid fuels indoors or outdoors are prohibited during alert days across the 9 Bay Area counties.

An advisory remains in effect, as the public is encouraged to refrain from wood burning, but the act will not be illegal on Thursday.