Fishermen lose it when whales pop up next to their boat

*WARNING* There is some language in the embedded video clip that can be deemed offensive to some viewers. Please watch with caution.

Only a fisherman’s reaction could be more amusing than seeing whales pop up just feet away.

Brad Rich was fishing with his friend near Resurrection Bay, Alaska, last week, when a pod of humpback whales decided to chow down right in front of their boat.

The fishermen saw seagulls circling above the pod, signaling a breathtaking display of nature. One of the men excitedly says, “I hear them,” right before the whales emerge with mouths wide open, rocking the boat.

With the whales just feet behind the stern, the fishermen are astonished, while laughing and cursing hysterically.

The men were in the presence of a complex group hunting technique used by humpback’s called bubble netting.

As seen in the video, pods of humpback whales work together to blow bubbles to trap their prey at the ocean’s surface, while they take turns feeding.

“I knew that humpbacks do this group feeding. So I knew what was happening as soon as it happened,” Rich told KTVA Alaska. “But to be in the middle of that, to actually experience that as to just watching it, it was the most awe-inspiring thing. It’s the most amazing thing to have ever happened to me.”