Flashback Friday: A look back at 1991

In this week's Flashback Friday we're going back 25 years - to take a look at this week in 1991.

Jeffrey Dahmer

The controversy of the alleged mishandling over a police misconduct case of the Jeffrey Dahmer case grew even deeper. It started with a frantic 911 call from a woman who had seen Dahmer chasing an Asian boy down a Milwaukee street at 2 a.m.

Police and paramedics reportedly said the boy was OK and officers carried him back to Dahmer's apartment. 

Pictures of dismembered bodies were on the apartment floor when police entered. Only 24 minutes after the initial 911 call police officers radioed that they were finished.

They said in a police call that the male was returned to "his boyfriend." Dahmer later said he killed the boy as soon as officers left.

"The police department individuals who responded failed to conduct basic, proper police investigation into the matter," said Milwaukee Police Chief Philip Arreola in our KTVU archived footage.

Dahmer was later convicted and beaten to death in prison.

Berkeley Protesters at People's Park

Berkeley protesters were calling it "Take Back the Park Day." At least 5,000 protesters gathered at People's Park to protest the university building volleyball courts. The protest turned ugly. Protesters didn't get far on their march. When protesters held their ground, police began forcing them back.  "We want to march peacefully and they don't want us to march," said one protester. "They're willing to beat us up just like in the south in '65."
Pan Am Games

The 11th annual Pan Am games began but not without controversy and criticism. We reported Cuba had invested heavily in time and prestige, but Cuba's disintegrating economy is reflected in many of the games preparation. If converted to US dollars Cuba spent anywhere between $39 to $156 million on the games - which could be more than the island could afford.