FLASHBACK FRIDAY: A look back at 2000

For this week's Flashback Friday we dug into our KTVU archives from 2000 - to see what the big stories were from this week, 16 years ago.


In 2000 we reported that historically the vast majority of African Americans had voted for democrats. But in 2000 republican George W. Bush (was) "warmer and more willing to reach out to minorities and democrat Al Gore," according to the report. 

In a very close election, President Bush was named president.

San Jose Police using less lethal weapons

We reported police in San Jose had learned a firsthand lesson in value of having weapons in their arsenal designed not to kill. Police were beginning to arm more officers with so-called less lethal weapons such as a 12-gauge stun bag shotgun. For officers the less lethal weapons give them a chance to avoid having to kill a suspect.

Now in 2016, police reforms are continuing to be implemented.

Tech stocks

We reported, "Traders in San Francisco (had) reason for nail biting this week." Investors started dumping some of the biggest names in technology. “No one knows how to value tech stocks anymore. We think the day when any old dot com  could go out, become vastly valued on the stock exchange – make its founders incredibly wealthy – think that’s probably over.” Now, in 2016, we know the tech boom continued.

Barry Bonds

Giants outfielder Barry Bonds is still nursing a sore back. He was strong enough to carry the team once again. In our archive footage he hit his 19th homer of the year.