Former credit union asst. branch manager accused embezzling $60,000 to spend on TikTok

A former assistant branch manager at a credit union in Central Valley is accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from members' accounts to spend on TikTok

Esther Andrade Olson allegedly embezzled over $60,000 from a Tulare-based credit union where she previously worked to send to an undisclosed TikToker with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Officials said the 49-year-old would make the unauthorized cash withdrawals by bringing up the victims' accounts while assisting other credit union members currently with her to make it seem she had legitimate reasons to access the credit union's cash stores.

Olson allegedly made the withdrawals from July to August 2022.

When one employee confronted her, she claimed one of the victims was doing remodeling, but then told another employee she was "done" before she abruptly resigned from her position. 

The Kings County resident pleaded guilty in court Monday to the embezzling charge.