Former Marine praised for dog rescue on Veteran's Day

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A Livermore woman ran into a burning home to rescue a little dog trapped inside on Wednesday, an act of courage that has many calling her a hero.

Plumes of smoke caught the attention of Destiny Goddu and her sister Lacie as they were driving in Livermore Wednesday morning.

Destiny, a former U.S. Marine, was supposed to be attending a Veteran's Day ceremony, but her plans suddenly changed.

I told my sister, 'I don't see or hear any sirens. Let's go check it out. Make sure it's been called in and everyone is OK, remembered Destiny.

The smoke was coming from the roof of a house on Keystone Way.

I called 911, said Destiny. We were banging on the door.

Hearing no answer, Destiny ran to the backyard to make one last attempt to see if there was anyone inside who needed help. She says a sliding glass door was open.

I had to put my sweatshirt over my face because it was smoke-filled, said Destiny. It was really hard to see.

That was when Destiny saw the dog she would end up rescuing.

All of a sudden, a small animal started running up to me, said Destiny. And then it ran back inside the house.

A sweet pug named Stitch is who Destiny found inside that home and she made a split-second decision to go inside and save her.

It was like literally, I felt like seconds that everything happened, explained Destiny.
Mike Miller, a battalion chief with the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department, says the fire started in the attic with flames burning wood shingles that were trapped underneath a metal roof.

The fire caused an estimated half million dollars in damage to the home. How it started is under investigation.

But, thanks to Destiny Stitch is alive. Miller acknowledges it was a great, but dangerous rescue.

As the fire service, we don't recommend that. That person could become trapped and have an issue, said Miller. The best thing someone can do is wait for us outside let us know what is going on inside.

Stitch's family is grateful she's ok and that Destiny had the courage to save her from their burning home.

They call it a heroic act by a veteran on Veteran's Day.

Destiny waved off the praise, saying she did what anyone would do under the circumstances.

Being a good citizen I would call it more than being a hero, Destiny said.