Formerly conjoined twins 'thriving' one year after historic surgery

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It's been a year since an epic surgery separated conjoined twin girls from Texas.



Knatalye Hope and Adeline Faith Mata were conjoined at the chest, stomach and pelvis, sharing vital organs. Last year, they underwent surgery on February 17 at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston. They were born in April of 2014.

"The girls went through a 26 hour separation surgery, they left us early that morning and before midnight they were separated," their mother Elysse Mata said. 

Now, the girls' mother said the two are independent and thriving. 

"We always knew they were gonna thrive. I just don't think we expected them to do as good as they are doing," said Mata. 

The girls still have some hurdles to overcome, with a few more surgeries ahead of them. However, their mother said it's all worth it to see her daughters happy and healthy. 

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