Four arrested in Orinda shooting released, one remains behind bars

Of the five men arrested in connection with the deadly Halloween-party shooting in Orinda, only one of them is still behind bars. 

Lebraun Tyree Wallace, 28, of San Mateo, is no longer being held on suspicion of murder and conspiracy, but he's still being held for a probation violation. 

Three other men arrested for murder were all released as was a man booked as an accessory for allegedly promoting the party where five people died. 

In this case, all five were arrested on what's known as Ramey, or probable-cause warrants, before charges have been filed by prosecutors. 

Sources tell KTVU the men who were arrested may not be the main suspects wanted in connection with the shootout and that Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office is looking for other potential suspects. 

Police had hoped to interview those in custody to help build the case, but it's unclear whether any suspect agreed to speak to investigators. KTVU has also learned that prosecutors are concerned about a possible self-defense case, especially because two of the men who were killed had guns. 

Adante Pointer is an attorney representing the families of three victims who died. One of them has a criminal record. 

"Having a gun doesn't necessarily mean that you went somewhere intending to use it, or that you went somewhere intending to inflict harm," Pointer said. "It may have been more of self defense and look at what happened here, right? Your past and what your history may be does not mean that it's open season on your life." 

Some in Orinda are uneasy over the fact that the suspects were released. 

"It's kind of scary, you know? Just to know that there's people out there that possibly did the crime. We don't know that for sure," said Randy Madeiros, who works in Orinda. 

The investigation is ongoing by the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office, which provides police services to Orinda. The Orinda police chief is expected to provide an update on the case at Tuesday night's city council meeting.